Building Services Design for Energy Efficient Buildings

The impact of the decreasing number of users on the evolution of a centralized heating system
E. Vitan, T. Rus, A. Hotupan, C. Cilibiu
027 Rus T

Using energy of compressed natural gas as an environmentally safe source of heat energy of the heating system of the industrial premises
E. G. Pakhomova, N. P. Grigorova, P. V. Monastyrev, N. E. Semicheva

Study of two-phase transportation mode of lique-fied natural gas through a pipeline by the gravitational method
V. A. Zhmakin, A. S. Samoylov

Calculation of disc friction power in pumps at operation on viscoelastic fluids
V. A. Morozov, A. V. Morozov, A. V. Brezhnev

Considerations on the efficient functioning of the urban water supply system
V. Cojanu , E. Helerea

Multi-criteria optimization for a residential horizontal ground heat exchanger
A. M. Bulmez, V. Ciofoaia, C. Pleșcan, S. I. Bolocan, A. Șerban

057 Bulmez A M 1

Freezing Water Simulations in Isochoric Systems - Preliminary Analysis
G. A. Beșchea, Ș. I. Câmpean, L. M. Scutaru, L. Costiuc, A. Șerban
067 Beșchea G A
Investigation of HGHE near building basement – a case study
A. M. Bulmez, V. Ciofoaia, I. Boian
068 Bulmez A M 2