Technologies and Design in Roads and Railway

Static and dynamic plate loading tests of stabilized soil samples used for riverbank consolidation
A. C. Nagy, N. M. Ilieș, A.P. Cîrcu, V.C Ciubotaru, B.M. Crăciunescu

Use of aerial scanning techniques with drones to evaluate the quality of road infrastructure works
G. Năstase, G. Dragomir, A. Brezeanu, A. Șerban
058 Năstase G

Reinforcement solutions used to increase the residual life expectation for a rigid road with top layer made of road concrete and the influence of the elasticity modulus on these solutions
S. Zghibarcea, N. Țăranu, A. Boboc, V. Boboc

Using a waste in asphalt mixtures – a laboratory investigation
M. L. Dragomir, A. Boboc, R.D. Cadar, M. Boitor
072 Dragomir M L

Study on Heat Treatment and Coating of Copper Screw Mother in Friction Pair of Rock Drill
Y. Wang , M. Zhao, X. Zhang

004 Wang Y

Reactive power compensation in the railway electrical traction system, using synchronous machines controlled by SCADA
A. Popov, M. Fratu

Vibration noise analysis and optimization of diamond circular saw blade
W. Taiyu
006 Taiyu W