Vulnerability Assessments and Risk Analysis

Quantitative fire risk assessment
R. Dârmon
010 Dârmon R 1

Validation of AE-Tomography based on model tests of soil specimen with heterogeneous elastic wave velocity distribution
K. Nakamura, Y.Kobayashi, K. Oda, S. Shigemura, K. Ikebata

Spalling of high strength concrete in fire
O. Lalu, R. Dârmon, T. Lennon
017 Dărmon R 2

Trans-boundary Approaches on Natural Hazard Risk Management
A.M. Nicuță Precul

Hazard Risk Resilience in a Smart City Approach
A.M. Nicuță Precul, R. Țigănașu

Insights from the management of a large research infrastructure in Romania: the National Network for the Seismic Monitoring and Protection of Building Stock at NIRD URBAN-INCERC
C. S. Dragomir, I. G. Craifăeanu, Vasile Meiță, E.S. Georgescu, D. Dobre, M. Sandu, A. Cișmelaru
038 Crăifăleanu I G

Study on detection of sediment in the avalanche using the microwave Doppler sensor
K. Oda, K. Nakamura, K. Ikebata, Y. Kobayashi
040 Oda K

A geomatics data integration technique for coastal change monitoring. Eforie-Nord case study
G. Dobrică, C. Maftei
051 Dobrică G

Flood frequency analysis of river Casimcea
C. Cerneagă, C. Maftei
052 Cerneagă C 

A review of flash flood evaluation methods
N. Buzgarua, C. Maftei
053 Buzgaru N

A review of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan
S. Hagi, C. Maftei

 054 Hagi S

Influence of input frequency for soundness evaluation based on waveform analysis
K. Ikebata, Y. Kobayashi, K. Oda, K. Nakamura
074 Ikebata K