Analysis and Design of Structures. Numerical Approaches

The influence of materials on the behaviour of joints with multiple bar connections
P. Heinemann, D. N. Isopescu, S. G. Maxineasa


Numerical modelling of dynamic punch-through problem

T. Saksala

The Study on Stability of Composite Panel Structure under Axial Compression Load
J. Jiang, C. Chen, X. Zhang, F. Du
018 Jiang J

Reasons for the Collapse of Ceilings during the Construction of Monolithic Buildings
M.V. Tomakov, A.I. Pykhtin, V.I. Tomakov, I.A. Tomakova
023 Pykhtin A

Comparative analysis of two seismic energy dissipation solutions in the case of a steel structure
F. Țepeș Onea, C. Tudose
031 Tepeș Onea F

Educational program for determining the inertial characteristics of surfaces
M. Botiș
033 Botiș M

The use of programs complexes "ANSYS" and "PLAXIS 3D" in assessing the influence of the density of sand base on the modulus of deformation
V. M. Antonov, I. A. Al-Naqdi , P. V. Monastyrev, E. G. Pakhomova, V. Y. Amelin

Assesments of Seismic Performance of RC Structures with Masonry inflills Pannels Partially Decoupled from the Sorrounding Frame Members
H. Mociran, N. Cobîrzan
069 Mociran H 1

Pushover Analysis of RC Framed Structures with Infill Panels Made of Masonry Having Various Properties
H. Mociran, N. Cobîrzan
070 Mociran H 2 

Modelling the structure in the seismic evaluation of the Carol I Mosque minaret
S. Suliman, A.M. Grămescu, S. Gelmambet

Aspects Regarding the Extension, Attic and Consolidation of a House Located on a Sloping Plot of Land
O. Deaconu

  075 Deaconu O