Building Materials and Renewable Energy

The permeability analysis in case of tuff and limestone addition in the concrete composition
D. T. Babor, M. Butnariu, D.N. Isopescu
001 Babor D 1

Exploring the potential for organic and more environmentally friendly plastics in the building industry
G. C. Chițonu, C. E. Cazacu
013 Chițonu C

Processing of exposure results composite material with the choice of their optimal composition
A. Bulgakov, V. Afonin, I. Erofeeva, V. Fedortsov, N. Bredikhina

Advanced technologies of municipal solid waste conversion for a circular economy
M.L. Lupu, D.N. Isopescu, I.R. Baciu, I. Cucoș, I. Antonescu, S.G. Maxineasa
032 Lupu M

Researches on energy-efficient plasma conversion of fibreglass waste into new ecological materials for building industry
I. Antonescu, D. N. Isopescu, I. Cucoş, V. Caunii, I. C. Alecu, M. L. Lupu
039 Antonescu I

Nuanced analysis regarding the novel technologies using biomass as a renewable energy source for increasing energy efficiency in civil engineering
I. C. Alecu, D. N. Isopescu, I. Cucoș, I. Antonescu, V. Caunii, V. C. Cucos, M. O. Agavriloaie
041 Alecu C

Analysis of the most determining factors from Romanian urban regulations in relation to sanitation, hygiene and health throughout recent history
Ch. Cazacu, C. Chițonu, R. Muntean
047 Cazacu C